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 Post subject: Eldy's Application
PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:13 am 
[b]Character Name, Race/Class, Desired Raid Role:
Eldy the Draenei Shaman. Melee DPS. Btag: Lizzi#1173

Do you have an off-spec? If so how good are you at playing it?:
I have learned and geared my Elemental spec. I can switch between the two on a fight by fight basis. I also have a weaker Resto set that I can use for alt runs and the like.

How long have you played the character you are applying with?:
I have been playing my Shaman since the beginning of 6.2

Briefly summarize your raiding history, role/skill level:
I began raiding at the beginning of this year, in that time I have cleared and raid led all of Lower Citadel Heroic, I have also tanked Normal HFC on a warrior.

Former guild/server history and reasons why you left your former guild or why you are considering leaving your current guild:
I am currently in the guild Lights End on US-Dalaran. I wish nothing but the best for the players I raided with there, however, they are content gearing alts in Normal mode whereas I am a far more interested in progress raiding.

Do you have any contacts in Death Row?:
I don't :(

Age: 23
Time Zone: EST
What outside commitments do you currently have (work, school, etc) that would require you to miss scheduled raids?:
I work a regular day job and occasionally travel on the weekend but neither of these activities would cause me to miss a raid.
Do you have ventrilo and a working mic? Are you able to speak on vent?:
I do / I am.

What is your latency and frame rate (FPS) during raid?:
90-120ms / 40fps (20-25fps with fraps running)

What addons do you use to help you perform your role while raiding? (if any):
Besides Bigwigs and Iskar Assist, I use TellMeWhen to monitor procs and cooldowns, as well as Vuhdo to monitor debuffs and raid status. I am also pretty picky about my UI so I have a number of addons to make it look super crispy and clean (Quartz, Bartender, SexyMap, etc).

Which encounter has been the most difficult for you to learn? Why?:
I personally struggled to learn Tyrant Velhari when I first encountered her. Unlike most fights, where it can be quite obvious what caused a wipe, the Tyrant fight has so many smaller sources of damage that interact with her oppression auras. This made problems with personal or raid wide strategies harder to identify. It was only after I reviewed my damage taken logs that I realized which damage was avoidable and which was inevitable. Oddly, once you grasp it, its a pretty simple fight.

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