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Author:  Bloodyroots [ Tue May 17, 2011 11:31 pm ]
Post subject:  App Format

Register to the site, then please copy and paste this in a new post in the apps forum and fill it out. thanks

Character Name, Race/Class, Desired Raid Role:

Do you have an off-spec? If so how good are you at playing it?:

How long have you played the character you are applying with?:

Briefly summarize your raiding history, role/skill level:

Former guild/server history and reasons why you left your former guild or why you are considering leaving your current guild:

Do you have any contacts in Death Row?:


Time Zone:

What outside commitments do you currently have (work, school, etc) that would require you to miss scheduled raids?:

Do you have ventrilo and a working mic? Are you able to speak on vent?:

What is your latency and frame rate (FPS) during raid?:

What addons do you use to help you perform your role while raiding? (if any):

Which encounter has been the most difficult for you to learn? Why?:

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